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300 plus workout Monday July 27, 2009 July 27, 2009

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Today was a strength training day.  I did another 300 workout plus some extra stuff.  My workout was as follows

25 squats, 25 barbell curls, 25 sit ups, 25 low cable rows, 25 shoulder presses, 25 incline dumbbell presses, 25 double crunches, 25 cable rotations, 25 back extensions, 25 tricep pushdowns, 25 calf raises, 25 dumbbell rows

I then did

4 x 20 yard broad jumps, 15 feet up push ups, 15 wide gip push ups, 15 close grip push ups, 15 shuffle push ups and 5 clap push ups.  I then repeated all the push ups again.  After that I did 25 sit ups, 25 cruncehs :40 sec front plank, :30 russian twists, 15 side crunches on each side, and 25 banana crunches.

That was it for this morning.


Saturday July 25, 2009 Cardio Workout July 27, 2009

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Today was just another run day.  I took the dog with me and ran 3.25 miles at about an 8 minute mile pace, and then I took Sunday off.

Strength Training workout July 24, 2009 July 24, 2009

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This morning was a strength training day.  I went for a total body workout along with core training at the end.

4 sets x 7 reps Leg press, 4 x7 Bench Press, 4 x 7 dumbbell rows, 4 x 7 squat to overhead press, 3 x 6 chinups, 4 x 7 dumbbell curls, 3 x 6 dips, 3 x 10 reverse bench, 2 x 15 medicine ball squat jumps.

Abs: Plank :40 seconds, 15 side bends, 15 swiss ball push ups, 15 medicine ball rotatons to each side, 15 crunches, 15 swiss ball pike ups.

On days with lower reps I try to lift heavier weights.  Alternatively on days where I lift higher reps I lift lighter weights.  By changing it up daily you keep your muscles from adapting and that continues to cause muscle breakdown and improvement.

A bit of Exercise Physiology July 24, 2009

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Today, July 23, 2009, was a rest day.  So I thought I would take a moment to talk about exercise physiology.  Many people think working out means going to run for 30 minutes at the same pace every day or doing a few push ups and sit ups or the occasional weight lifting.  Many people don’t realize the science behind exercise.  Today new studies are coming out all the time and the science of exercise has been well studied.  A few things to know to help you design a better program for yourself:

Energy Systems, your body has various energy systems that it uses when you exercise.  Depending on your goal you should concentrate on a certain energy system.  If you want to train for your best 5K you need to train differently than someone running a marathon.  If you want to be a good sprinter or improve your vertical jump for basketball you need to train differently than a triathlete.  The body has 3 primary energy systems.  The phosphagen system, the anaerobic system, and the aerobic system.  The names may change depending on what you are reading but the ideas stay the same.  The phosphagen system is used for extremely short intense exercise like the shot put or 1 RM max lifts and is only good for about 10 seconds of energy.  The anaerobic system is used for high intensity exercise that lasts longer than 10 seconds and is the primary energy system for anything lasting under about 5 minutes.  Once you reach 5 minutes your body switches primarily to the aerobic system.  No one system is ever doing all the work.  They all continue to contribute and overlap, but depending on the duration and intensity of exercise one is predominant.

What that means to everyone is that you have to train specifically your goal.  For example to improve a 5K don’t just go out and jog 3 miles everyday.  Take a few days a week to do some speed work.  Run intervals with the fast ones at your goal pace, try to run longer at your goal pace as you improve and take shorter breaks between intervals.  By doing this you increase your anaerobic threshold and improve your ability to hold that fast pace to run a faster 5K. 

Another example would be improving your vertical jump.   Don’t just do squats over and over again, try using plyometrics.  Plyometrics add a load to your muscles and force you to overcome that load to perform the exercise.  Examples are box jumps, split jumps, depth jumps, or weighted squat jumps.  You don’t have to do a lot of reps, but focus on good form and exploding through the full range of motion on every repetition.

Just some things to think about when designing workouts for yourself.

Interval Cardio Workout July 22, 2009 July 23, 2009

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My workout tonight consisted of an interval run on the treadmill.  I like to use the treadmill for interval training because I know my exact speeds.  This was my run tonight:

5 min jog at 6 mph, .50 miles at 9 mph, .25 miles at 6 mph, .50 miles at 9 mph, .25 miles at 6 mph, .50 miles at 9 mph, .25 miles at 6 mph, and .25 miles at 10 mph. 

Total:  3 miles

I finished with about a 5 minute cool down walking on the treadmill.

Interval training is good for burning more calories during your workout and increasing the intensity of your workout.  By increasing the intensity and training at a higher heart rate you can increase your anaerobic threshold.  That means you increase your bodies ability to run at a faster pace for a longer period of time.  Speed work like this keeps your workouts from being boring and is good to insert into a running routine once or twice a week depending on how often you run.

Strength Training Workout July 22, 2009 July 23, 2009

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Warm Up: 5 Minutes of Cardio


Barbell Squats 3 sets/ 10 reps

Pull Ups 3 sets/8 reps

Dumbbell bench press 3 sets/10 reps

Dumbbel Lunges 3 sets/ 10 reps

Dips 3 sets/ 8 reps

Low cable row 3 sets/10 reps

Alternating dumbbell shoulder press 3 sets/10 reps

Preacher curls 3 sets/10 reps

Ab Circuit:

Kneeling cable crunch 15 reps

Front Plank :30 seconds

Weighted knee raise 15 reps

Side Crunch 15 reps each side

Bannana crunch 15 reps

Swiss ball/Stability ball crunch 15 reps

Push up circuit:

Wide Grip Push Ups 15 reps

Shuffle Push Ups 15 reps

Close Grip Push Ups hands on medicine ball 15 reps

Swiss ball push ups 15 reps

This is a good total body strength training workout.  Be sure to leave at least 48 hours of rest between weight workouts if they are total body workouts.

July 21, 2009 Cardio Workout July 22, 2009

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Today was just a run day.  I took my dog, Mac, for a run and we went 3.0 miles at just under 8:00 per mile pace.  If you have a dog that you can take for walks and runs it is a good way to motivate yourself to get out and get running.  I know Mac seems to be able to sense when I’m going for a run before I even say anything and he gets so excited that even if I wanted to be lazy and stay in I don’t think he would let me.

I did my run before work because it helps me stay alert and full of energy throughout my work day.  I recommend people do the same, but anytime you can get a run or workout in is a good time.  Try to make a cardio workout last at least 30 minutes.  If you can’t get 30 minutes in at one time, you can get pretty much the same benefit from dividing your workouts up throughout the day and having it add up to at least 30 minutes.

True Fitness Post #1 July 21, 2009

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This is the first post of my new fitness blog.  On these pages I intend to post workouts that I do to stay fit as well as any that I come across that seem to be enjoyable of useful for anyone. 

Today I took a page from Men’s Health and created my own 300 Workout.  If you are unfamiliar with the workout it comes from the star of the movie 300, Gerard Butler.  Men’s Health did a story on the workout he used to get in shape for the movie.  The premise is to divide several exercises into a certain number of repetitions and have the total reps for the workout add up to 300.  For example the workout I did today is as follows:

20 chin ups, 20 squats, 20 dips, 20 swiss ball push ups, 20 barbell curls, 25 crunches, 25 medicine ball double crunches, 25 swiss ball pike ups, 25 medicine ball rotations, 20 dumbbell squats to overhead press, 20 dumbbell incline presses, 20 reverse bench pull ups, 20 medicine ball jump squats, 20 lunges

If you add up the total reps you will see it adds up to 300.  The idea is to perform as many reps of each exercise without stopping.  Ideally you can do them all, but if you can’t stop and rest briefly and then began again as soon as you can.  The goal should be to complete the amount of reps as quickly as possible while maintaining proper form.  The entire workout is done back to back with little rest except when transitioning from one exercise to the other.  Give it a try and have fun.